[TRANS/PIC] 121124 Rome’s Twitter Update

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안녕하세요 여러분 🙂 와우 처음으로 다음이랑 네이트에 실시간검색에 올랐어요~ 정말 크라운분들 덕분입니다 ㅜ 너무 감사하고! 많이 검색해주세요 🙂 사랑합니다 여러분 #씨클라운 pic.twitter.com/TPt36iq2


Hello everyone 🙂 wow we went up the real-time searches on Daum and Nate for the first time~ it’s truly thanks to CROWNs ㅜ we’re so thankful! Also please search for us a lot 🙂 I love you, everyone #CCLOWN http://t.co/TPt36iq2


credits : TKtopkid@twitter ; eng trans by cclowntrans@twitter shared & reup by choconipls@dailycclown

may take out with full credits (include dailycclown.wordpress.com) & do not hotlink!


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