[PIC] 130626 Rome Co-Hosts at SBS PopAsia Show (25 PICS)

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132 46193_585645831479576_1182557739_n 7943_585646068146219_1276463597_n 421826_585645794812913_368867241_n 424506_585645758146250_902590491_n 424506_585646168146209_680701159_n 983960_585645678146258_736301872_n 999008_585646134812879_748558892_n 999327_585646081479551_1483964667_n 1002258_585645751479584_244741177_n 1005128_585645861479573_1770710678_n 1005580_585646241479535_2094486478_n 1006133_585645588146267_1284161180_n 1006172_585645951479564_362103340_n 1010182_585646181479541_1710361659_n 1010657_585645971479562_622947308_n 1010750_585645668146259_1623050983_n 1016492_585645711479588_829006360_n 1017195_585646078146218_978092323_n 1017320_585645604812932_615185737_n 1044704_585645888146237_789516316_n 1044776_585646004812892_1984467044_ncredit: 1, 2, 3, 4 (SBS PopAsia) ; shared & reup by kibee@dailycclown


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