[PIC] 130504 T.K – Jongro Fansign (9 PICS)

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d657d39bjw1e6ek1a5hdhj20xc0m8ws7 d657d39bjw1e6ek265ay9j20xc0m8n7h d657d39bjw1e6ek216f1fj20xc0m8tmu d657d39bjw1e6ek2fy21bj20xc0m8nba d657d39bjw1e6ek2auurfj20xc0m8n7p d657d39bjw1e6ek1xeca0j20xc0m8ano d657d39bjw1e6ek1rjg3vj20xc0m8an3 d657d39bjw1e6ek1n0iqij20xc0m8qfa d657d39bjw1e6ek1ht8kaj20xc0m8dt2credit: GetItSlow@weibo ; shared & reup by kibee@dailycclown
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